Hojah Food Delivery App
Hojah Food Delivery App
Hojah Food Delivery App

Ensuring food availability and delivery from nearest seller in a few minutes.

Hojah helps busy people fix food purchase difficulties. It focuses on food availability, location and delivery from the nearest seller of choice within a very short time.

Hojah is a mobile application created to solve problems associated with purchase and delivery of foods (raw foods and cooked foods) aiming at busy people or people whose locations are far from points of sales across the world.

This platform connects food sellers and food delivery companies to prospective buyers within a locality.

...placing food on your palm

My colleague informed me about Hojah. After installing it, I ordered for Shawarma and it was delivered. It works. ~ Rukayat Folake Salami, COMSIT, University of Ilorin
Buy Food
Hojah offers you an open market to
buy cooked foods, raw foods and recipes
from sellers of your choice
Register Sales Outlets
Besides being a buyer, Hojah gives sellers a great chance to showcase products and sell to buyers
Shop via Map
The map feature on Hojah enables buyers a quick access to nearest seller.
Smart Notification
Hojah notifies buyers & sellers on supply chain status e.g Accepted, Declined etc.
Add Attendants
You don’t have to manage your outlet alone. Assign attendant(s) to your store and divide the queue of orders.
Sales Report
Generate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales report
Welcome Screen
Cooked food category
Buying food anywhere and anytime
ready to checkout
  1. What is Hojah?
    Hojah is a mobile application that was birthed out of the desire to solve problems associated with purchase and delivery of foods (which includes raw foods, frozen foods and cooked foods) by busy people or people whose locations are distant from points of food sales across the world. Visit www.hojah.com or Mail us hello@hojah.com
  2. Why should I use Hojah?
    Because we've gone the extra mile to redefine food purchase and sales. In so doing, we have simplified your access to food or more food sales as the case may be.
  3. What are the requirements if I'm ready to use Hojah?
    You are required to download the application from Hojah.com and sign up. For sellers, after doing this, you are expected to create a shop which would get our approval if we deem fit. You are then required to upload your products and you are good to go
  4. What are the advantages of Hojah to a seller?
    You gain more customers, placing your food menu on buyers palm, positioning your business to be known by many who do not know your physical location and make more sales.
  5. As a buyer, when should I expect my order to be delivered?
    Delivery time is completely dependent on the restaurant or outlet involved. We have however put measures in place to ensure timely deliveries. You would get a notification in a maximum of 15 minutes
  6. As a seller, how do I know when a buyer places an order?
    A notification containing the details of the order would be sent to your account on Hojah.
    An SMS notification would also be sent to your mobile device.
  7. As a seller, how do I know who places an order?
    The names and contact details of the buyer appears in your notifications.
  8. How do I order on Hojah?
    - Download the Hojah application on your android device.
    - Select the food you want to buy( you can search by brand, cuisine or map by clicking on the funnel-like icon)
    - Enter the desired quantity
    - Fill in your address details
    - Proceed to check-out
  9. As a seller, how do I notify my buyer that the order is ready?
    For now, you simply accept the order. The buyer gets a notification saying the order has been confirmed. You can also make calls to confirm the order.
  10. As a seller, is it possible to have food orders from Lagos when i'm in Abuja?
    Yes, it is possible. The distance between the buyer and seller is updated at realtime in kilometers, so appropriate delivery charges will apply.
  11. As a seller, how do I deliver the order?
    You will need a dedicated contract or full staff to deliver the orders with bicycle, motorcycle, tricycle or a delivery van to the buyer within your uploaded delivery time.
  12. As a seller, how do I get paid for my sales?
    The only payment option accepted for now is payment on delivery or on pickup. But working with a conveyor will require that you have solid agreement with them on how your money will be paid to you upon delivery.
  13. Where do I lodge complaints?
    Go to feedback on the application or send a mail to complaints@hojah.com.
  14. How secure are my transactions?
    Working with the latest security measures, we've incorporated extra steps (which we wouldn't want to bore you about) to ensure one of the highest levels of security in the application.
  15. How do I keep my account secure?
    Do not share your passwords. Do not give people your phones if you are not so sure of their integrity.
  16. What do I do when a delivery is not accepted by the buyer?
    In the very rare incidence of this happening, you are expected to report back to your restaurant or outlet as soon as possible and notify us with the details of the buyer on complaints@hojah.com
  17. What do I do to gain better publicity on Hojah?
    Always share your Hojah Handle with your buyers. You can also mail us on hello@hojah.com
  18. What are the things that are expected to be on display in my account?
    Your shop name, Hojah handle, contact details and personal details.
  19. How would I choose a handle for my shop?
    You are to choose a unique identifier also known as handle that is not too long or too short and without space but it should look similar to your shop name. Any handle inserted with special character like space or others will be renamed automatically
  20. As a buyer, how do I know if there are Hojah sellers in my town?
    When you shop via map, unique icons are placed over the location of restaurants and outlets that are registered on Hojah.
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